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Maria Dolores "Lolita" Kaim 
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About GiaDane Designs
It has always been a dream of mine to create beautiful jewelry. I have always felt an    inner  passion for style and elegance. I also truly beleive that the style of jewelry you pick should call to you or speak to you. Your jewelry should say something about you. That is why I design custom peices for those of you that desire that necklace or bracelet that says "I have arrived". I have also worked with many of my clients in designing custom pieces around family heirlooms such as pins, brooches and restoring jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets.  

I also have created a line of Saints bracelets which are my pride and joy. I have personalized a few of bracelets I show on my website. The "Giselle"             contains saints and medals from when she was a baby. I kept them all this time in anticipation of giving them to my grandchildren. But then Someone    gave me a wonderful Idea. So I went with it and what I created was amazing. 
The "Tula" is another bracelet that was very personal for me. It has an  amazing amount of meaning and love for the woman it was made for.
I come from a family of very talented musicians, singers, dancers and artists. My mother who I can truly say that most of us got our talents from could create anything at the drop of a hat. She would make us coats, dresses, suits for my dad and brother. She has made some of the most beatiful wedding dresses, and first communion dresses. She made my daugther an evening bag that looked exactly like a rose. I could go on forever but, I think you get the idea. The twins as I like to call them Rain and Luna were blessed with voices like angels and the most incrediable acting talents. Jake was blessed with the hands to paint and the creativity of a true artist. She could walk into to a room look at it and design everything you would ever need. Jose my only brother is the singer/actor late in life he has really come into his own. I of course am the youngest of eight and spent most of my life dancing. I had no idea of the talents that I had in creating jewelery. I just knew I always wanted to try it. One day I walked into a bead shop and I picked up some tools and some beads, charms, wire you know all the things required to make jewelery. Now I have never taking a class, or even watched anyone make jewelery. All I knew is that I wanted to create something special. So I began and it felt like I had been doing this all my life. It came easy and felt so right. I discovered that I had a natural talent. I just sit down and look at everything in front of me and start creating. What I found was that I could create some of the most beautiful pieces that are custom created to the person in mind. GiaDane Designs is a work of love. It is a passion that I share with my husband David. He encourages me everyday to just go for it and follow my dream. So here's to following my dream!! May my journey continue to be as fun and as exciting as it has been so far.

                                                 With much love,